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* For Adrenaline Junkies

The only place is Oribi Gorge and try out one or all of The Wild 5 activities. It is located some 12kms inland from Port Shepstone. It is guaranteed to have your heart racing and your pulse pounding.  Try the following (and check your insurance!) - Highest Abseiling site / Gorge swing (55 storeys high) / White Water rafting / Wild Slide & Caves down the gorge (383 steps). Phone (039) 687 0253 in advance - bookings are essential.

*4 X 4 Trails   

Do not attempt to drive your 4 x 4 on ANY beach.  The law banning vehicles on beaches is strictly enforced in this area.  Your vehicle will be impounded and you will receive a heavy fine.  If you feel like an adrenaline boost, contact the following for EXTREMELY exciting 4 x 4 trails! Oribi Guest Farm (Wild 5) (039) 687 0324)

* Lake Eland

Lake Eland Game Reserve is the perfect venue for a family holiday, romantic getaway or simply a day's outing. Spectacular views of the Oribi Gorge and abundant wild life make this a unique experience. With a variety of facilities and activities to choose from, such as a children's playground, game drives, horse rides, walking and cycling trails, paint ball, our challenging 4x4 track, and a thrilling walk across our 80m suspension bridge, everyone will have a fun-filled and relaxing day at Lake Eland.  Lake Eland Game Reserve (039) 687 0395)


* Mac Banana

Come and experience our relaxed atmosphere with great views as well as a host of exciting activities for both young and old. The following activities are held at Mac Banana's: Quad bike rides, Paint Ball, Giant trampoline, Banana Tour and Mac Venture Golf and a pancake restaurant. (039) 319 1454)


* Clear Water

The Umtamvuna Mountain Bike trail will provide all the thrills (hopefully not the spills!).  Bikes for hire - contact Jan Abbott on 083 549 6710.


* Wild coast sun casino and resort

The Wild Coast Sun has a lot to offer - apart from the gambling!  There is a fabulous area for children (and for adults too) called Aloha Village. Phone for info 039 305 911

Other facilities available are: Cinema, Ten pin bowling, Health & Beauty Spa, Vee's Boutique, Style Studio, Water Park (Wild waves)


* Horse and pony rides

If you would like to go horse riding, you can contact:

1. Wild Coast Sun

Everyone's dream! An opportunity to ride along the unspoiled beach for beginners to

experienced riders.

Contact Bridget on 083 334 7711 or (039) 305 2788

2. At Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre

Contact Mark & Megan on 082 451 9827


* Waterworld @ The Pont

Scenic River cruises aboard 60 seater double deck "Spellbound Gambler" or more intimate 11 seater pontoon "Sundance" on the Umtamvuna River.  Departure point The Pont, Port Edward.  Speedboat rides and fun-filled tube rides are also available.  Telephone 081 826 1694. 



This is known as the Golf Coast - and for good reason!  Lots of wonderful courses: the nearest is the Wild Coast Sun on the opposite river bank - telephone (039) 305 2799 - booking is essential.

Port Edward has an excellent 9 hole course, Southbroom a scenic 18 hole course, San Lameer is challenging with a lovely setting, and Margate, great - take your choice.  Book well in advance:

Port Edward Country Club (039) 311 2589

Southbroom Golf Club (039) 316 6051

San Lameer Country Club (039) 313 5141

Margate Country Club  (039) 312 0571    


* Fishing   

This has to be the ideal holiday occupation - relaxing, peaceful, soothing, and on the occasion very unproductive!

If only we could predict the best fishing spots!  It all depends on weather, tides currents - and luck.  If you don't want to get in your car, walk from the Estate down to the beach and to the river mouth - good size salmon have been caught there, and hooking a sand shark is relatively easy.

In the river itself you will find Mullet, Kingfish, Salmon, Gurnard, Perch and Springer.  This is a great spot for fly-fishing - just please remember to check over your shoulder for other fisherman.

Splash Rock in Port Edward is famous for fishing especially in Shad season.  The "header" points of Suicide and Black Rocks, with Splash Rock located roughly midway in the deep water, are very productive and often dangerous.  These sites are not for the inexperienced angler.

Ladder Rock in Glenmore (be careful here too) and the rocks on either side of Kidds Beach and Peter Pan Bay are popular spots, about 7kms north of the Estate.  Portobello or Munster beach (near the wreck of the Nightingale) is a wonderful Bream and Shad spot. 

You can purchase a fishing license at the local Post Office. 

Good size Salmon are also often landed. The nearby flat rocks are safe and considered a fun place to be if you are a young budding angler.

Shad Rock in Palm Beach on the boundary of the Impenjati Nature Reserve is said to be highest yielding shad spot on the coast, and is relatively safe.

From Shad Bay to Palm Beach tidal pool, you may be able to land delicious Bronze Bream and Musselcrackers (these are summer visitors to the coast).

Just a little further to the North at Trafalgar, there is an offshore deep channel   which can be particularly rewarding and productive spot, especially if you are not the farthest caster in the world!  Salmon, Shad, Garrick, Sand shark, Grey sharks and Skate can all be landed along this stretch of coastline.

Travelling further North still, you can try your luck at Ramsgate - Blue Bay for Shad and Salmon, Bream and Galjoen in the gullies to the South.  Margate offers fishing from the pier, the beach or from the rocks.  Catches of Bronze Bream, Galjoen and Rock Cod are possible with light tackle.

Uvongo has the famous Pothole and Orange Rocks, halfway between St. Michael's on Sea and Uvongo Beach.  The Pothole is a good deep water spot for gamefish such as 'Cuda, Garrick and Salmon.

One of the most popular fishing spots on the whole South Coast is the Sandpit in Port Shepstone.  This is a good all year round venue and you can expect to land Salmon and Garrick.

Port Edward has a great Ski Boat Club at Silver Beach, and it is possible for you to arrange for deep sea fishing charters with experienced and professional skippers.  Check with Reception for contact numbers.

For anyone interested in Bass fishing, please contact Clayton Bekker on (039) 311 2100 or 082 332 5032.  He will arrange for fishing for you in privately owned Bass dams in the area.

Tacklenet in Port Edward Mall has tide charts, fishing equipment and all the information that you might need to catch the "Big One".


* Riverbend crocodile farm 

This is an excellent venue to see not only enormous crocodiles (very exciting at feeding times on Sundays at 15h00), but also a brand new Snake house, superb Art Gallery & Curio Shop, and a delightful, fully licensed café for Mum and Dad! Tel:  039 316 6204


* Pure venom

Pure Venom will give you the fright of your life!  This farm has the largest private collection of Rattlesnakes, Pythons and Cobras in the country.  They also have Mambas, Iguanas, crocodiles, and lots of different exotic and indigenous snakes.  Slither your way to Izotsha (which is just inland from Shelly Centre) to find them.

They are open 9-5pm, 7 days a week. Tel: 039 685 0704


*Whale and dolphin viewing

The only registered whale watcher in this area is Spike of Ocean Safaris. This is a once in a life time experience, and is not to be missed. Call Spike on 082 960 7682 to book.


*Shelly Centre and the South Coast Mall

There are two brilliant shopping centres in Shelly Beach.

At Shelly Centre there is a Mr. Price, Woolies, Pick & Pay, Clicks, CNA etc and a wonderful Ster Kinekor. At the South Coast Mall there are Game, Checkers, Mr Price Sport and other fancy shops, as well as restaurants like Mugg&Bean, R`J s, Wimpy etc.

Additional information is available in The Southern Explorer magazine or in the South Coast Herald.


*Deep Sea Fishing

Aqua Vida Charters 073 770 1389

Sensational charters 039 315 7585

Tyde charters- 082 336 8120

Sosume charters- 039 315 1534

Riptide-072 289 7229

Awesome charters- 082 560 8991

Baywatch charters- 083 409 6180


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