Places to eat & drink

Places to eat & drink


The Estuary at Port Edward is a magical romantic spot with gorgeous views over the lagoon to the sea - wonderful on a moonlit night.

The Country Lodge in Southbroom is a delightfully romantic cosy bar, with the choice of two restaurants.

Pistols Saloon at Ramsgate is a great place to go for a drink and some Pizza.  You may find your feet resting on a large pig, or your beer slurped by a donkey.  Live music often on the weekends.


* Local restaurants   

We have collated a list of restaurants which have been tried and tested by our guests (and sometimes by ourselves!).  However, as everyone has different tastes and requirements and standards can change, please check with Reception for the latest information. 


La Trattoria Terrazza (Italian food) (039) 316 6162 Southbroom

Riptide Restaurant (039) 316 6151 Southbroom

Nightingale Restaurant (039) 319 2312 Glenmore Hotel

The Bistro (039) 314 4128 Ramsgate

Flavours (039) 314 4370 Ramsgate

The Estuary Hotel (039) 311 3474 Leisure Bay  

The Cow Shed (light meals) (039) 311 3955  Port Edward 

Premier Hotel Edwardian (039) 311 3618 Port Edward

Beach Bobbies Restaurant (039) 311 2333Port Edward

Wild Coast Sun - Chico's Buffet (039) 305 2759 Port Edward


For take aways or sit down:

Tiago's (039) 311 1440 Port Edward

Kentucky Fried Chicken (039) 311 1437 Port Edward

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